December 30, 2015

Latest Commissioned Pieces #2

It's no secret that I love to paint and make art. However, I do sometimes struggle when it comes to figuring out what to make. I find myself amidst periods of "creative droughts." As such, it is always so fun for me to create commissioned pieces. For once, I can spend less time thinking about picking the words, and instead, focus on the execution itself. 

This post features two commissions that I did earlier this December before the rush of the larger Christmas orders came in. Creating these two pieces was the perfect balance. This first one was a completely new style that challenged me, and the other was some kind of familiar.


This was the piece that challenged me. Ariel asked if I could incorporate the moon, which was something that I have never tried before. A few sketches into it, I finally decided to just try with the paintbrush to see what types of effects I could come up with that would render the texture of the moon. Luckily, I think the end result turned out better than expected. I definitely surprised myself and am quite chuffed with the final product. There is no doubt that I will be churning out some moon related pieces in the future now that I have this newfound technique in my arsenal.


This next piece was familiar as I have done this style before. Naturally, I enjoy making bible verse related commissions as it always introduces me to more verses. Further, planning out the piece and painting out the words enables me to meditate on the meaning. It's cathartic to say the least. This particular verse was exactly what I needed to paint, and it was exactly what I needed to learn. 

Hopefully, you've enjoyed reading about these latest commissions. If you want your own, or if you've got a special someone in mind that deserves a thoughtful gift, please feel free to make an order to request a piece, or contact us if you've got any questions.

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