December 27, 2015

Here's to the one that gave us life

Here's to the one that gave us life — in terms of biology, and in terms of teaching us about faith, hope, and love. To the strongest woman that we know, and the kindest. From the big things like carrying us in her stomach for nine months, to the littlest details that often go unacknowledged. To the greatest unsung heroine that deserves more, but never asks for it. To the one that cooks for us and prays for us, the one that worries about us and thinks about us before herself as if it were second nature. You have made it your life's mission to love us and to make sure that we grow into the best people that we can be. We have learned so much through your example, having taught us the definition of the words compassion, grace, and generosity. 

So here's to you on your special day, our hero, role model, life-support, and more importantly, our mother. Making you proud drives us to continuously reach for constellations despite our shortness in height (inherited from you, of course). Most of all, besides stature and outward appearances, we hope to take on the world in the same way that you do — with heads held high, hearts on our sleeves, and souls rooted in Christ. 

Happy birthday, love always,

Kim + Anne 

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