December 2, 2015

Mulberry Press Co.

I recently came across a wonderful California based store called Mulberry Press Co. They sell these amazing graphic tees that promote such inspiring messages. My sister first tagged me in a giveaway they were having and once I viewed their clothing I instantly fell in love and entered the contest. For some reason I had a really good feeling about entering, but then again I always try to keep positive about my chances. However, I was still incredibly shocked when I found out I was lucky enough to win a $75 gift card. You can't imagine how many times I read over the announcement to double check and when I finally came back to my wits, I placed an order for the following three shirts

These 3 lovely graphic tees stuck out to me the most and with the gift card I was able to buy them. They hold messages I adore and strive to live by --and being able to wear them is a helpful reminder to myself and others. It also doesn't hurt that they are incredibly easy to match with different clothes. Throw on a pair of jeans and a leather jacket and you're done. You can even dress it up a bit and wear it with a skirt or over a dress.

You can strive to be better but the person you are now is enough and amounts to any standards the world pits against you.
 Dreams are meant to be lived; don't stop chasing them.
 Determination + Hard Work + Motivation = can take you to amazing lengths

Stay gold,


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