December 23, 2015

Hearts, Heads and Bodies

I semi-recently wrote this poem for English class called "Hearts, Heads, and Bodies." We were told that to write a poem entailing our identity within a group of our choice. After long moments of staring blankly at a sheet of paper/borderline banging my head on the desk, I picked up an idea amongst the hurricane of my jumbled thoughts. The group that every person in my class fit into; the species that is teenagers. Suddenly inspired I translated my jumbled thoughts onto paper and came up with 54 lines that somehow made sense in the end.

Hearts, heads, and bodies
with unspoken expectations.
Though always in a riddle, 
known only to one exception.

Hearts feeling.
Heads thinking.
Bodies acting.

Hearts, heads, and bodies
forming individual thoughts and notions
Growing faster than the person
and romanticizing opposites.

 The sheep, the wolf,
forgiveness and revenge.
We live as both predators and prey.

Hearts, heads, and bodies
still young
but with so much potential
and now outside expectations.

Be better.
We continuously chase a phantom.
Always be greater.

I want you!
Join the faceless army.
Here's a mask,
a barcode,
remember to conform.

Hearts, heads, and bodies
under attack by society.
Don't speak.
Act with utmost propriety.
and fallen.
Losing one's self repeatedly
in attempt to find one's self completely.

We follow orders.
Marching across an already sinking field
We mimic others.
As our heartbeats drum
they communicate their own language
and we collide
as we battle our past selves.

As people
we are but a compilation of
hearts, heads, and bodies;
Maybe also a soul
though we haven't been introduced yet
So for the moment
never mind the rest.
We are made up of those
however part of a larger whole.
We are single stars
part of constellations
that make up the night sky.
Stay gold,


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