February 17, 2016

Cheap Thrills: Anne

There are times when one walks into the mall or store and sees an endless cornucopia of possibilities. It's happened to myself numerous times, I can assure you, and I trust it's happened to almost all of you. However, what's the one variable holding us back from attaining such blissful happiness? Money. I don't know about you but I have encountered some very unagreeable price tags in my fourteen years which is why I enjoy all of the following cheap thrills. 

Printed + Black Long Sleeve Blouses
H&M - $12 (link)

These two are long sleeved slightly button down V-necks that I absolutely adore. These two blouses play a great role in my closet. For the longest time I have been looking for simple yet stylish tops I can throw on with pants or even a skirt. Now, after weeks of tough searching I have acquired these and I must say they have not failed me in times of rush to get dressed.

High Heeled Ankle Boots
Old Navy - $28 (link)

These grey, suede, high heeled, ankle boots bring me such joy. I've always wanted to be the kind of person that could wear heels casually, however my inability to walk them was a bit of deterrence. On the other hand when I tried on these boots they fit perfectly and are surprisingly very comfortable and incredibly easy to walk in. In fact I was able to walk home from school in them without complaint and spend a day in the mall with them housing my two feet.

Printed High Neck Dress
Old Navy $13 (link)

An example of my sister's ability to spot the most beautiful clothes on sale. This is a long sleeved dress with a high neck and floral print (notice the bunny rabbits as well). I am just awaiting spring/summer's arrival so I can wear this dress more frequently.

Black Ankle Boots
Joe Fresh - $11 (link)

My mom is another person that has the ability to find great deals. These are black ankle boots with slight heels. My other black ankle boots which I first got from my sister are so used that my mom decided to get me this new pair and I must say during the time I've worn them, I very much so do appreciate and enjoy the boots.

Hope you enjoyed this post and are reminded that even in today's increase in price, one can always find such hidden gems for less expense.

Stay gold,


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