February 3, 2016

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

Thinking back on some of my favourite things while I recall a certain song from "The Sound of Music," I have come up with this new post. I've already done a few of posts like this on favourites, but one can't argue that someone can't have too many things that make them happy.

This is a beautiful journal I got as a gift from my sister's friend. It has a black leather cover, craft paper pages, and is perfect for taking with you everywhere because of how bendable it is.

Pandora Bracelet + Charms
Pandora (link)

I got my pandora bracelet about 4 years ago from my aunt during a family trip back to the Philippines. During that trip I made my love of travelling quite evident which is what inspired the following charms: The Eiffel Tower, Butterfly Charm, Suit Case, and Statue of Liberty. My cousin assisted in choosing the charms and I thought I'd express how much I appreciate and treasure the bracelet to the two of them through this blog post.

Drink Up-Intensive Overnight Mask
Origins - $30 (link)

Next up is the Origins: Drink UP-Intensive Overnight Mask. My skin tends to be really dry in the winter so I decided to invest in a good moisturizer. If your skin is similar to mine, I highly recommend using this product because it has an amazing scent and is very hydrating.

Angels on Bare Skin
Lush - $13.95-$33.95(link)

Angels on Bare Skin is my favourite of the favourites. It has been the best cleanser I've ever used. The cleanser came from Lush a brand known for their products made of natural ingredients. Angels on Bare Skin is said to have ground almonds for exfoliating and lavender to tone your skin.

Make Up Forever

This is just a sample lipstick I got form Sephora but I find it is the lipstick I constantly turn to because it is the perfect colour. The lipstick is a shade darker than my normal lip colour yet there is a noticeable difference and it is casual enough for everyday.

Thanks for reading this post! Be sure to check out our other favourites if you enjoyed this one and if you've already read them, there's definitely more to come.

Stay Gold,

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