March 9, 2016

Nelson the Seagull, and Skyline Views

For those of you who know me personally, you will be well versed in my tendency to be ever the pessimist. However, let me recount for you a single day in January that made me feel so uninhibitedly optimistic about the rest of 2016 — all thanks to great breakfast food, great skyline views, and great company.
The first stop of the day was at Nelson the Seagull. Situated at the heart of Gastown, this place is well known for their sourdough bread, and more particularly, their avo on toast. What the menu doesn't tell you though, is just how quintessentially pleasant the atmosphere is inside those four walls. The scuffed tiles, the brick walls, the mismatched wooden tables all contributed to the home-y feel of the place that resonated with soul. 
Wyne, Phil, Colleen and I sat at a table right by the steamy windows, delightfully immersed in conversation filled with silliness and heart. The weather was surprisingly kind to us, especially considering it was early January in Vancouver. The sun was shining and there thankfully was no chill in the air.   
I ordered the poached eggs with the roasted mushrooms and boy was I not disappointed. Admittedly, I am not a regular breakfast eater. Although, I am a fervent and firm believer in how breakfast food is good for the soul. Truly so, this was the kind of breakfast that filled me up quite right, not leaving me exasperatedly bloated by the last bite. Truth be told, the crust of the sourdough did leave my mouth feeling a bit sore, but honestly, it was the kind of ache that I was willing to endure because the bread was so delightfully good (haha). 

As mentioned earlier, Nelson the Seagull is well known for their avo and toast, and thankfully I did get to try a bite since Philip ordered it. Truly so, the bite that I had did not fail to live up to my high expectations. If only I had a bigger appetite and wore jeans with more of a forgiving waistline, I probably would order it in conjunction with the poached eggs in the future. 
After leaving perfectly satiated, we walked around for a bit until we ended up at the top of the world. This rooftop was the last stop of our quick early morning to mid-afternoon adventure. There really aren't many words that would do this view justice. Even more so, I don't think I could trust simple adjectives or phrases to capture exactly the bursting joy that I felt while seeing this right in front of me. With that being said, I'll just leave you with the pictures for your perusal in hopes that it makes your heart skip a beat in the same way that my did in honor of how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful city with a sublime view of skylines, mountains, and the sea. 

This last picture of me was taken by the insanely talented Colleen Umali

Stay gold,


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