March 23, 2016

Cheap Thrills: Kim

There is no shopping thrill quite like the kind that does not induce mayhem on your bank statements. As much as I pine over expensive pieces from Aritzia, Madewell and the likes, there is no rush comparable to finding the right item in the right size in the right price.  With that being said, I'm quite stoked to share with you all some of my favorite deals that I've acquired over the last little while.

  Black Faux-leather A-line Flats
$11.22 was on sale / $24.94 regular - Old Navy (link)

Old Navy is a store that I hold quite dear to my heart. It's definitely no Urban Outfitters, but it's a reliable go-to of mine because of the constant influx of deals that keep me coming back (in-store or online). I'm not too sure if it's because they've upped their game or if it's because my style has just evolved into something more parallel to their brand, but lately, I have found myself loving the majority of their pieces. 

I'm constantly on the lookout for a variety of flat shoes. With spring slowly creeping in and with summer approaching, I've got a need for comfortable and stylish shoes that are office-appropriate. As such, I was thrilled to have come across this pair on sale. In my opinion, these look like a hybrid between a pair of Toms and a classier leather flats. The style itself was something quite new and unique so I was happy to put these in my basket. I must say though, having worn them a few times, the material will definitely need to get more worn down with use before it becomes truly comfortable. But that's definitely nothing that a couple of band-aids on my heels won't fix in the meantime. 

Heather-gray Wool Loafers with Faux-leather Band
$9.94 on sale - Joe Fresh

There's nothing like waking up to find a shoe-box at the foot of your bed for no special occasion. Everything I know about bargain hunting comes from dear ole Mom. She always finds the best deals and I'm lucky to be on the receiving end. 

I haven't put these on quite yet because the classic PNW weather at this time of year is at full force. Though we are starting to see the sun peaking more, the torrential downpour is still a regular presence and I'm not about to risk ruining these wool loafers, so I'll just have to wait until the clouds clear and the rain eases up. 
 Thin Silver Open-bangle 
$4.20 on sale / $14 regular - Topshop

As someone who does not like price-tags above $30, coming across dupes is always thrilling. But what's even more exciting than finding a regular dupe? Stumbling into a dupe that's on sale from a usually higher-priced store. This was exactly what happened with this stellar open-bangle from Topshop. I've been wanting to get into wearing more jewelry (albeit minimalist) as of late, and this was the perfect piece. These bear a striking resemblance to the bangles I've seen at Oak + Fort that are more than six times the price. 
  Heather-gray Fedora with Black Rim
Less than $8 - Forever 21

I don't often come out with shopping bags from the Forever 21 stores because I usually get so overwhelmed in there. It's always quite dizzying to be amidst all the different displays and racks upon racks of clothes with no evident rhyme or reason. Admittedly, I've had this conversation with a friend who works there and they explained to me that there is a reasoning behind the madness. To this day however, I still have no idea what each section stands for which is why I prefer shopping from their site. 

Although, when I'm already at the mall, I do find myself still taking a peak inside (mostly making a beeline for the clearance racks). Luckily, during this one instance, I came across this gorgeous hat. I've been wanting one for quite sometime now because the brim of my old one is too small. This proves to be just the right mix of floppy but structured, and even more so, it was at the perfect price at less than $8 because clearance items were on a buy one get one deal. Trust me, ever since I've bought this, I've stared at it longingly, waiting for the better weather and adventures. 
 Gray Woven 100% Polyester Blanket 
$10.00 - Walmart

Anyone in my family can tell you that I have a slight obsession with blankets that developed over the last couple years. Not completely sure the obsession came from; all I know is that it becomes especially full-force during colder weather. Besides the mountain of blankets that bury me in my bed, I had been looking for a smaller one that I could use while sitting on a desk during my seemingly endless hours of doing readings, studying for tests, and writing papers. Picture me grinning ear to ear and clinging on to this blanket when I stumbled across it at Walmart at such a low price. Having used it everyday since I bought it over a month and a half ago, I can safely attest to its quality. The soft material soothes my soul (dramatic, I know) and the thickness faultlessly shields me from the colder temperatures.
Burlap Banner
Flux + Folk Handmade

This last piece is quite sneaky because it's technically not something I purchased. After coming across a roll of burlap last summer at Michael's, I knew that I wanted to make some banners. I haven't had much time because painting these did take up quite the effort. However, the dowels I've ordered finally came in and I'm looking forward to getting some twine and finishing these up. They'll be up on the store soon so I'm quite excited to be selling something else besides prints and paintings. 

Quite the chatty post but I hope you've enjoyed reading it anyways. Do let us know if you enjoy these types of content, and if not, what other topics you'd like to see! 

Stay gold,


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