March 2, 2016

Anne's Skincare

 I hope you all you folks are having a wonderful day or night. Whichever time, I am glad you have chosen to spend a few minutes reading this post for those of you interested in knowing what kind of skincare products I use on a daily basis.

  7 Day Scrub Cream - Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel 
Clinique - $15

I bought these two as a set from Sephora. Now don't be fooled by the number 7. I was at first. I thought it would only last me 7 days, but it has actually stretched for a little over a month and it is still located on my shelf rather than the empties bin (the trash can). I use this duo every night after cleansing and they have done greatly to improve my skin's moisture, not to mention softening as well. 
  Soy Face Cleanser + Rose Face Mask
Fresh - Free Sample at Sephora

I got these two as free birthday samples from Sephora. If you haven't signed up, I highly recommend it. You can pick up your own sample any time of the year and in my opinion, they give away a lot of amazing products. I've only used these two products about twice because I try not to have too much cleansers in my skincare routine. However, in the time that I have, I found the combination to be very hydrating.
  Angels on Bare Skin
Lush - $30

I already mentioned this cleanser in a previous favorites post. If you want to take a look at a more detailed review, click here. Just to let you know, it's still going strong. It's an absolute staple product in my routine and has been lasting for quite some time. Some people may be worried that since Lush is an all natural brand, that the product won't last long. However, it is specified that this cleanser has no expiration date.

Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask
Origins - $25

Also talked about this in the same previous post as I mentioned above. Here is the link. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you found my opinions useful, and be sure to keep up with our future posts. 

Stay gold,


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