May 10, 2017

Favorite Things As of Late

Although it's been a while and a half since I've last done a favorites post, the length of time in no way reflects a lack of things to enjoy. In fact, in coming up with this list, I found it hard to narrow it down to a somewhat manageable few to feature. This is so much so that there is a high chance that a separate list will be coming your way within the next while. In the mean time, here's an adult version of show and tell, in the form of my current favorites. 


On my 22nd birthday last November, I was gifted Whiskey Words & A Shovel by two very special people in my life. In fact, my copy of it is very special because it combines some of my ultimate favorite things on Earth -- poetry and inscriptions. I am gutted that inscriptions have become less and less of a commonality, but as soon as I saw their handwriting on the first page of this book, I knew I was lucky enough to have pals who took the time to give me something extra special. 

Next up is another poetry book. This one by Nayyirah Waheed has been on my Amazon shopping cart for well over a year. I finally jumped the gun and clicked order one late night study (read as: cramming) session. What can I say? It was 3am the night before the last final exam of my undergraduate career. The last thing my mind could focus on was how insects could be used to determine post-mortem intervals. Instead, my brain was happily conjuring up scenarios of all the fun things I get to do after graduating. 

One of these being reacquainting with my love of reading. After having gone to hell and back during five years of post-secondary, I have developed a nasty habit of only skimming everything that I read. My attention span depleted in order to adapt to the long list of readings that I had to do in short amounts of time. I would spend practically every waking hour doing readings which meant that the last thing that I wanted to do in my spare time was read. And so with school having come to a close, it has been so glorious to resume reading for pleasure, and what better way to start than a poetry book?

Although I'm only barely a quarter into Salt (as I'm taking it slow and having to relearning how to not just skim), I am loving it heaps and bounds already. Waheed has a special voice that naturally comes from being a WOC, which is something that I have found to simultaneously rouse and comfort my soul.


This next favorite holds sentimental value, even if it's only been in my life since December. The reason why it's so special is because of the backstory behind why I was drawn to it in the first place. A group of my closest friends and I often have a very dark, pessimistic sense of humor. In particular, there's one morbidly jokey saying that always gets thrown around. Whenever any one of us gets too whiny (which is quite often, believe me), someone ends up saying some version of "well, it could've been worse. At least you still have your legs." 

Somehow, that specific deadpan has always been a source of comfort to each of us. And so, when I was scouring the ends of the Earth for the perfect Christmas present for them, I ended up stumbling onto this pin from BRFC's etsy shop. It was as if Santa himself blessed me with the link to this piece -- and so I cheesily got each one of us one so we could be (gross and) matchy-matchy. 


Everyone that knows me is well aware of my undying love for neutrals. For the most part, my predominantly black closet has expanded to whites and grays, but has never really crossed this foreign territory of pinks up until recently, when the exposure to millennial pink has finally seeped into my consciousness. 

Luckily enough, I have a mama who's attuned to the latest trends and who loves surprising us with cool bits. Hence, the inclusion of this gorgeous blush crossbody bag into my wardrobe. It has a bajillion (okay fine, three) compartments -- which for its size, is pretty freaking impressive. Moreover, it's the perfect subtle pop of color that I didn't know I needed until now. Old Navy does a variety of other colors for this bag, and if I had unlimited funds, I'd probably have every single one by now. 


Who's gonna say no to an updated take on a minimalist shoe with a decent non-obnoxiously tall heel at only $15.99? Not me. I was pretty undeniably stoked to find these in the sale page and was even more ecstatic when they arrived and I found out after trying them on that the heel size was the perfect manageable height for me. Although I've found that the faux leather on the peep toe chafes my poor little toes when I'm standing for more than half an hour, I'm sure that breaking them in a little more will solve that problem easily. 


Another pop of color that has managed to shockingly sneak into my preferences is this specific hue of red. More specifically though, it's this red in combination with denim that I have been lately loving. Something about the look of the two together just screams match made in heaven to me. It took a while for me to commit to buying something so colorful and bright, even if it was on sale for only $2.99. 

Truthfully, the final push was a bad haircut back in February that has led me to down biotin daily, and constantly wear beanies whenever possible. It's probably weird to admit this, but I was nervous wearing it out the first time I got it. People that knew me did double-takes and joked about how weird it was to see me in red. The jokes keep coming even until now. Eventually though, I got used to it -- and the multiple occasions where I got compliments from random strangers definitely helped. 


Last but not least, and also the most recent of all, is this tune by my ultimate cool girl idols -- the HAIM sisters. Not only are they style queens, but also, from the beginning, their tunes have always made me nostalgic over an era I wasn't even physically alive to experience. This new track is no different. 

The song was released mid last week and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since. Trust me, every one I've been around for the past several days can probably vouch for it since I've blasted it at every opportunity of taking hold of the chromecast, bluetooth, or aux cord. I've already dubbed it as my summer song, and summer has yet to even bless Vancouver. 

Those have been my favorites. You have been you. I have been me. We'll be (hopefully) catching you next week for another blog post! 

Til then, stay gold,


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