May 31, 2017

Eye on the Horizon

Like any other student, like most of you I've been counting down the weeks, the days, the number of projects, exams, and events I have to make it through until summer break is finally hear once more. I've had a pretty productive year and accomplished quite a few personal goals which has been a rewarding experience, but school remains as school. It is still really stressful and can be quite draining at times. The countless instances I've though about what I'll do this summer however has helped me power through. So I thought I'd share some of the activities I've come up with.


1. Drop in yoga and zumba with friends
2. Go on walks/Adventure through the neighborhood
3. Read in the park

4. Learn to cook and bake new recipes
5. DIY old clothes
6. Have a picnic

7. Spend a day at the beach
8. Go kayaking/sailing with friends
9. Go thrifting

10. Visit New Westminster
11. Write more
12. Pack for New York

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and that it gives those of us still persisting in school something to look forward to. It's crazy thinking about how I'm almost finished with grade 10. Time seems to fly by so quick, but still ever so slow. Four and a half more weeks to go. We can all make it! Just keep your eyes on the horizon as your sailing through the sea of projects and exams.

Stay gold,


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