May 2, 2018

My Life in Pictures

With the sun shining, my friends and I have already popped out on numerous occasions for a few adventures. Whether it's around the neighborhood, in the forest, or exploring the school. We captured our laughs and smiles in those moments, not to mention behind the scenes was also very interesting. So this post is just a peek into my camera roll --some evidence of our spontaneous pictorials, screenshots, and pictures of what has caught my eye the past few weeks.

Besides discussions on lighting and whether or not I should sit on the rock, we reminisced about the last time we were really in the trail by our school. Looking back at our times struggling in P.E. we had a good laugh. Since we were all on our spare, there was a younger class out there running. Our hearts went out to them and we stopped to chat as well gave out high fives.

Even though I am already in grade 11, this was the first time I had ever been into the auto mechanics classroom. It was like a secret place behind a door in the wood shop and I had no idea it existed until then. The sight in fact was really interesting and it led me to truly appreciate the diversity in classes offered at my school, which is so great since students are able to find something that interests them. 

The poem and the sticky note saying "Respect Women" were two things that made me smile. I came across the beautifully written poem and wanted to save it immediately. As for the other one, my school had a Kindness Week and this was one of notes posted on the wall of compliments written by the student body.

When in doubt, if you want a group picture and there isn't anyone else around propping a phone on top of three other ones and setting the timer should do the trick. These actually turned out pretty great and we thought they kind of looked like album covers.

As we were switching to another place, I lingered a little bit behind everyone to get a picture. It seemed like a scene from a movie with all of us walking down the street at night and our shadows that stretched across the lap lit pavement.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. These are just a few pictures to give you glimpse into my life and the people in it.

Stay gold,

Anne Ibasco


  1. Anne, your new hair looks so adorable and your outfit is soooo perfect!

  2. Thank you!! I'm glad you approve. Can't wait to see you in July