May 23, 2018

Testament of Humanity

Our differences make us special and unique, but the similarities we share with each human being on the planet is what makes us a community. If we were to attempt to come up with a collection of memories and a background for an imaginary person, it would be an almost impossible feat to reach the real number of unique individuals that there are. All 7.4 billion people in the world are different. With their own stories, lineages, and potential futures. We wouldn’t even be able to come close to coming up with that number, the process would take years on end. It is so amazing how we as humans have come to exist, but I've been thinking a lot on the topic of how I have become the person I am today.

Our physical appearance changes throughout the years though the names of people in our family have forever been inscribed into our DNA. Whether it’s the colour of our skin, our heights, or the shape of our bodies we should be proud of who we are. People are so often dictated by the standards of beauty enforced by the media in our society and so many throughout the years have been discriminated for their ethnicity. These are differences that represent our history and our family. They tell their own story. We are all still the same as we are all human beings. We have the same anatomical structures, hearts and brains alike. If we took out our hearts compared it to the person nearest to us, we’re not so different. Something I firmly believe in is that we are a collection of memories. Memories of major life-changing events and people that moved us. Opportunities exist in every choice that arises in our lives.
Growing up is so much more than going from 4 ft. 9 to 5 ft. 6. The act of physically growing taller is an inevitability, however the maturity which is attributed to our minds is something that has to be earned. Maturity would be the ability to understand the characteristics whether they’re differences or similarities that make up who we are. Life is constantly in flux just like the identity of a person, we are constantly chasing after it. We as humanity, as we continue to grow we ourselves bring about the evolution and progression of our world. The actions of those that walked the Earth before have brought us here. It has brought us to this point and has given us this opportunity to do something with our lives completely up to us.

Stay gold,


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