May 9, 2018

In Pursuit of Learning

Whether it's in the near or far future, these are few things that have interested me and are definitely subjects I would like to learn more about. I know a lot of us probably have that list in the back of our heads from many mental notes. Writing it all down I think might help keep me more accountable so instead of putting it off, I can try to take steps on my own at present.


- The art of small talk
- Speak in another language
- Learn common phrases and words in Latin commonly used in business, law, and other industries


- Family history and ethnic background
- Renowned court cases throughout history
- Elections and systems of government around the world


- How to marble clay to make those small ceramic bowls for jewelry or other bits and bobs
- If I were to take up studying how to play an instrument, my first choice would be the violin
- Despite not being a terribly athletic person, the idea of taking a self defense class has always interested me from considering fencing to kick-boxing
Stay gold,

Anne Ibasco 

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