May 30, 2018

Playlist #16 | Dreams in Fiction


1 | We Drink on the Job - Earlimart
2 | Broke - Bear Attack!
3| Fever - Takka Takka
4 | Cleanse - Boatkeeper
5 | All The Wine - The National
6 | Girls Like You (Stripped) - The Naked and Famous
7 | Spitting Fire - The Boxer Rebellion
8 | After Hours - We Are Scientists
9 | Call Home - Covey



I've always been fascinated by stories and plotlines. I'm a daydreamer at heart, and so my mind always gravitates towards romanticizing everything around me. In doing so, I'm led to believe that life is a little less mundane and a little more cinematic. Things that are good seem better when they're part of a dreamy montage, and things that are bad seem less gut-wrenching when they're pertinent blips for the sake of character development and storyline progression.

That being said, this tendency of mine makes my mind consistently drift towards soundtracking my day-to-day life. One of my favorite genres of film is of the indie coming-of-age variety. And so if my life were exactly that, this playlist would be some of the tunes that would play at the opening scenes, during climactic points, straight through to when the end-credits roll on.

Stay gold,


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